Name: Chelsie aka Cece

Hair or Makeup? Makeup W/ Light Styling

Years in the industry? Five Years!!!

Self Taught/School? Self Taught/MAC Training

Signature Style? Instagram Glam/Classic Bridal

Favorite Season? Fall & Winter (LOVE THE COLORS)

Favorite Drink? Iced Caramel Macchiato EXTRA CARAMEL!!!

Favorite Hobbies? Anything outdoors, hiking, overnight backpacking, the beach, cute airbnb cabins in the woods! 
About You: I have been a makeup artist for almost half a decade. The obsession started young, and it was real. I always waited for my mother or grandmother to finish with their makeup before I snuck into their makeup bags absolutely fascinated with the small amount of products I would find, and attempt to put on.  When I became an adult I was very intrigued with watching makeup videos online and recreating looks i loved and buying recommended products. Then I landed a job as a Makeup Artist for Sephora and  became certified to take makeup appointments thru them. A couple years later I made a leap over to MAC Cosmetics, where  I truly got to experience some amazing training from Celebrity Makeup Artist including our regional trainer who was a Makeup Artist of the lovely singer Adele. The experiences I've received working there have been once in a lifetime opportunities. I had the opportunity to do a Fashion Show for Vogue which was OMG AMAZING!! 

Outside of doing Makeup, I've spent time in the Seattle Community helping volunteer with Lifelong, packing and preparing meals for those with special dietary needs, as well as volunteering with the Lifelong AIDS walk. I'm also a WIFE!!! I got married to the man of my dreams September 8th, 2016! NEWLYWEDS AYYY! I spend all my spare time with my husband, we are either cuddled on the couch, or backpacking thru the most magical areas of Washington

I am also in school for Esthetic Sciences, and will be graduating in 2018! Which is when I plan to expand my business to offering more services.
Makeup by Cece
Lead Artist/Owner
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Makeup by Katy
Hair by Brandi
Certified Makeup Artist
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Makeup by Emily
Certified Makeup Artist
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